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A speedy marking battle!


"Slalom" takes place on the course where windsurfing can gain the most speed.
The race starts at the start line on the windward side and zigzags around several marks on the leeward side to reach the finish line.
The race is full of speed, and the first marking in particular greatly determines the ranking, so fierce battles and games are played out.

The simple straightforwardness of "slalom" is also appealing: the one who runs through the course the fastest is the best.

FOIL can be selected from this tournament!

In addition to the usual "fin" boards,
"foils" will also be available to choose from starting at the 2022 Congress.
The FOIL is a hydrofoil (underwater wing) developed for windsurfing that keeps the board
floating above the surface of the ocean.
One of the features of the iQFOiL is that it can be raced even in light winds, and the iQFOiL has been officially adopted for the Paris Olympics.


Tournament system Rule

The competition will be conducted in a tournament format, with the standard eight competitors per heat (group), with the top four advancing to the next heat.

In PWA races, the top ranked competitors (or the top of the previous race) are seeded and start the second and third rounds.

The final race will be held with the eight winners of the tournament (including the losers' resurrection round), and the tournament will be repeated in Races 1 and 2 as long as time permits. The final ranking will be determined by the overall results.

*The courses are set according to wind changes (wind direction, etc.), and the start and finish positions are swapped 180 degrees for north and south winds.

*The minimum wind speed at which the race takes place is 4 m/ and there is no upper limit.